TwinDB Backup is distributed via package repositories. We provide packages for CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian operating systems.

Supported versions:

  • CentOS 6, 7
  • Ubuntu trusty, xenial, bionic, cosmic
  • Debian jessie and stretch

The installation process consists of two parts: installing the repository and installing twindb-backup package from it.

Repository installation

The installation instructions are published on the repository website.

For CentOS and alike operating systems:

curl -s | sudo bash

For Debian and Ubuntu the command is:

curl -s | sudo bash

We also provide the TwinDB Repo cookbook for Chef users.

Package installation

As soon as the repository is installed you can install the TwinDB Backup package.

For CentOS and RedHat:

yum install twindb-backup

For Debian and Ubuntu:

apt-get install twindb-backup

The package bundles TwinDB itself, Python, dependencies and tested version of Percona Xtrabackup. The installed package requires about 800MB of disk space. Make sure you have enough in /opt/.

Besides the TwinDB Backup software the package installs also the config file in /etc/twindb/twindb-backup.cfg and a cron configuration in /etc/cron.d/twindb-backup.

For configuration see Usage.