Source code for twindb_backup.verify

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Module that verify backup copies.
import json
import shutil
import time
import ConfigParser
import tempfile
import traceback

from twindb_backup import LOG
from twindb_backup.exceptions import TwinDBBackupError
from twindb_backup.restore import restore_from_mysql
from twindb_backup.status.mysql_status import MySQLStatus

[docs]def edit_backup_my_cnf(dst_path): """Removed options from config(besides MySQL 5.7.8)""" filename = "{dir}/backup-my.cnf".format(dir=dst_path) backup_cfg = ConfigParser.ConfigParser() for option in ['innodb_log_checksum_algorithm', 'innodb_log_block_size', 'innodb_fast_checksum']: try: backup_cfg.remove_option(section='mysqld', option=option) except ConfigParser.NoOptionError: pass with open(filename, 'w') as backup_fp: backup_cfg.write(backup_fp)
[docs]def verify_mysql_backup(twindb_config, dst_path, backup_file, hostname=None): """ Restore mysql backup and measure time :param hostname: :param backup_file: :param dst_path: :param twindb_config: tool configuration :type twindb_config: TwinDBBackupConfig """ dst = twindb_config.destination(backup_source=hostname) status = MySQLStatus(dst=dst) copy = None if backup_file == "latest": copy = status.latest_backup else: for copy in status: if backup_file.endswith(copy.key): break if copy is None: return json.dumps({ 'backup_copy': backup_file, 'restore_time': 0, 'success': False }, indent=4, sort_keys=True) start_restore_time = time.time() success = True tmp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp() try: LOG.debug('Verifying backup copy in %s', tmp_dir) restore_from_mysql(twindb_config, copy, dst_path, tmp_dir) edit_backup_my_cnf(dst_path) except (TwinDBBackupError, OSError, IOError) as err: LOG.error(err) LOG.debug(traceback.format_exc()) success = False finally: shutil.rmtree(tmp_dir, ignore_errors=True) end_restore_time = time.time() restore_time = end_restore_time - start_restore_time return json.dumps({ 'backup_copy': copy.key, 'restore_time': restore_time, 'success': success }, indent=4, sort_keys=True)