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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Module that works with list of backup copies
from __future__ import print_function
from twindb_backup import LOG, INTERVALS, MEDIA_TYPES
from twindb_backup.destination.local import Local

[docs]def list_available_backups(twindb_config, copy_type=None): """ Print known backup copies on a destination specified in the configuration. :param twindb_config: tool configuration :type twindb_config: TwinDBBackupConfig :param copy_type: Limit list to specific type of backups. :type copy_type: files|mysql """ dsts = [ twindb_config.destination() ] if twindb_config.keep_local_path: dsts.insert( 0, Local(twindb_config.keep_local_path) ) for dst in dsts:'Destination %s', dst) for mtype in MEDIA_TYPES: if copy_type in [None, mtype]: func = "_print_%s" % mtype globals()[func](dst)
def _print_files(dst): _print_media_type(dst, 'files') def _print_mysql(dst): _print_media_type(dst, 'mysql') def _print_media_type(dst, media_type): for run_type in INTERVALS: pattern = "/%s/%s/" % (run_type, media_type) dst_files = dst.list_files( dst.remote_path, pattern=pattern, recursive=True, files_only=True ) if dst_files:'%s %s copies:', media_type, run_type) for copy in dst_files: print(copy) def _print_binlog(dst): dst_files = dst.list_files( dst.remote_path, pattern='/binlog/', recursive=True, files_only=True ) if dst_files:'Binary logs:') for copy in dst_files: print(copy)